The College of Cranehaven received its incipiency charter from Their Majesties King Aveloc and Queen Mahliqua at Twelfth Night, Anno Societatus XXXVI. Dregate, our sponsoring shire, has rendered great service to the College in our formative years. And it was at their "Feast of the Red Lantern", A.S. XXXIX, that we received full-branch status by the hand of Their Majesties King Skeggi and Queen Taisiia.

We perform demonstrations at area schools and special events, and have put on numerous events: including an all-day workshop at Wenatchee Valley College, and the Lioness Tournament, a three-day women's fighting tourney. We attend SCA events around the northwest, camping in period-style clothing, watching (and participating) in all manner of events, from song to combat.

Do you love history? Would you like to learn about the clothing, crafts and customs of a different age? Then join us! Help promote and encourage historical study in the most enjoyable way possible - by living history!

We meet every third Monday of the month at the PUD Auditorium (5th & Wenatchee Ave., Wenatchee) at 7:30pm.