Newcomers' Resources

  • A Newcomer's Guide to the SCA - Start Here!
    An eight-page brochure with color photos and information on: What is the SCA? - Getting Started - Who is Who? - Activities - Where to find SCA equipment - Recommended Reading
  • Resources and Information for Newcomers
    A page of links designed to help newcomers to the Society for Creative Anachronism get started. Many more links can be found on the subpages of the SCA website.
  • SCA Demo - an overview of various activities in the SCA, including many arts and sciences. Lots of great photos!
  • Glossary of SCA Jargon
    "Good grief - what do they mean by that?" The SCA has a vocabulary all its own. Here are definitions for the most commonly used terms you'll hear at events or read in newsletters.

Groups & Branches

Other Links: